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Helping Children to Love Visiting the Dentist

Middleborough Dental Care was established with the goal of becoming the leading family dental clinic in Box Hill and our focus continues to be on providing the most compassionate care from your child’s first visit through to adulthood.

Dr Ling Tung, who joined us in 2021, not only has a special interest in paediatric dentistry but also has an amazing ability to ease the anxiety of our younger patients.

Our commitment to being the best dentist for children in the Box Hill area extends throughout the practice:

  • Priority appointments for children
  • A play corner in our waiting room
  • Genuine care and gentle treatment
  • Experience with special needs

We want a good oral health regimen, including regular check-ups and cleaning at the dentist, to become a life-long habit, and the best way to establish that is to make your children’s early experiences with a dentist as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Our focus on children’s dentistry is also aimed at the whole family being better informed about the best ways to look after your teeth and with a good understanding of why your oral health is important.

Keep in mind that dental and oral health are directly related to children’s overall growth, development, and general wellbeing, and the earlier we are able to identify potential issues the easier it is to remedy them.

Dr Ling, Dr Alice, and Dr Samantha are all highly skilled at answering any questions you or your child may have, whether that’s to encourage better oral health habits or to put you at ease before any treatment.

The Middleborough Dental Care team also posts articles regularly on our blog aimed at empowering you and your kids with plenty of useful information about teeth and oral health.

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At Middleborough Dental Care we create a fun and relaxing environment so that your child loves visiting the dentist! Discover how much easier it will make your life by scheduling a check up with a kid-friendly dentist.

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