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Dr. Nicole Wright

About Dr. Nicole Wright

Dr Nicole Wright graduated from James Cook University In Queensland with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2014.

Dr Nicole is a highly enthusiastic dentist. She is bright and bubbly. Her kindhearted personality has enabled her to provide exceptional care for anxious and nervous patients. Having two children of her own, Dr Nicole has vast experience with children, especially with providing dental care under general anesthetics for more than eight years.

  • Practices widely in regional Queensland and Victoria

  • Experienced in children’s dentistry, including anxious children who need extensive dental services such as nerve treatment and crowns
  • Has a very broad scope of interest and skills (including oral surgery, root canal treatments, and restorative dentistry)
  • Mini Residence in Prosthodontics (crown, bridge, smile designs). She can provide smile makeovers to provide her patients with the confidence and self-esteem to smile again
  • The Ortho Ed Institute clear aligner graduate

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