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Missing Teeth

Solution to Missing Teeth Condition

The Problem (Also Known As)

Single and Multiple Missing Teeth.

The Cause

Teeth can be congenitally missing or extracted due to decays, gum disease, traumatic accident or failed root canal treatment.


A number of ways can replace missing teeth:
  • Adhesive Bridge: the most conservative fixed option that is suitable in low pressure bearing, aesthetic area
  • Conventional Bridge: suitable if neighbour teeth require crown coverage

  • Implant Crown: most natural and reliable replacement
  • Dentures: convenient, easy-to-clean way to replace missing teeth by wearing a removal plate

If Left Untreated

Unwanted movement neighbour or opposite teeth that might result in loosening of those teeth.

Long-term wise, loss of bone and soft tissues can happen gradually which can compromise future implant surgery.

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Don’t put up with uncertainty around your oral health.

We’ve seen too many people avoid treatment or opting for temporary fixes, and end up with major surgeries, huge medical bills and losing their teeth.

That doesn’t have to be you.