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Crooked Teeth

The jaw arches can grow to be too small or too large for the teeth so they are crowded or spaced out. Abnormal muscular habits such as mouth breathing can affect the growth of the jaws too.


Exposure to sweet and acidic food/drink can break down the enamel surface and spread into the tooth and cause cavities. Poor tooth brushing technique or lack of brushing can put teeth at higher risk of getting decays.

Gum Inflammation

Smoking, some medical conditions and pregnancy usually make gums more inflamed than usual. Sometimes gum can get irritated or traumatised from food impaction, aggressive brushing and flossing.

Teeth Grinding / Sore Jaw

Habits of teeth clenching during the day and teeth grinding during the night can be caused by eruption of teeth or everyday stress. Underlying malocclusion with interferences of normal biting can cause sore jaw too.


Bad breath is caused by bacterial by-product which is related to low saliva flow (dry mouth), active gum disease, tooth decays. 10% of bad breath comes from underlying stomach problems.

Missing Teeth

Unwanted movement neighbour or opposite teeth that might result in loosening of those teeth. Long-term wise, loss of bone and soft tissues can happen gradually which can compromise future implant surgery.


Toothache, or ‘Pulpitis’ may be caused by dental decays or trauma that penetrate through the enamel and dentin to reach the pulp which contains nerve supply for the tooth.