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Get a Dazzling Smile with Discounted Teeth Whitening

A Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day (Or For Yourself!)

40% Savings

Bonus Take Home Pack – Whiter Teeth for Longer

Remove Discolouration with Instant Results

Do you look in the mirror and wish your teeth were whiter?

We’ve all experienced moments of feeling embarrassed by our less-than-white smile.

Stains and discolouration from tea, coffee, wine, soft drinks and more prevent us from being as confident as we could be.

At Middleborough Dental Clinic, we don’t want you to feel ashamed of your smile any longer.

That’s why we’re offering a special Mother’s Day discounted teeth whitening package. Perfect for anyone who wants to proudly display some pearly-whites. 

Mother’s Day Promotion: Get over $1000 worth of value for $790!

Our Teeth Whitening Package includes:

90 Mins Light-Activated In Chair Whitening

You will get instant results! Our special peroxide gel and high-power light penetrates stains thoroughly.

Sensitive Teeth Care Pack

You’ll receive GC tooth mousse and sensitive toothpaste to ensure your brightened smile stays bright for as long as possible!

5 x Take Home Whitening Tray

This allows you to touch up your teeth whitening once a week for 5 weeks to make the results last even longer.
Dr Ling Tung standing behind a dental room

We are all about getting you instant AND long-lasting results

Getting your teeth whitened by a dental professional will ensure the best results. Specially formulated gels and lights break apart the bonds of stained molecules for dramatic results.

When teeth whitening is done in consultation with a dentist  it is extremely safe and effective. That is why we request you book a check up and clean before teeth whitening, so we can ensure it will work well for you and discover any possible underlying reasons for discoloration.

“A year ago, my front teeth were over protruding which is quite a hassle, sometimes it’s painful and awkward while speaking. The treatment went smoothly and great. Issues with speech and awkwardness have gone. I’m happy with the result. It is better than expected. I definitely recommend MDC for a dentist in Box Hill.” 

– Jesse

“I am so glad that I finally found a good dentist! Dr Alice Yang was very professional and approachable. I experienced no discomfort at all. I will definitely return for my next check and clean.”

– Yan Xu

3 Steps To Brighter Teeth:

1. Book a Clean & Check Up

Before teeth whitening, we need to do a check up to make sure there is no internal cause of tooth discolouration. If you’ve had a check up in the last 6 months jump straight to calling our team to book your teeth whitening.

2. Get Discounted Teeth Whitening

You’ll received the 90 min in chair light-activated teeth whitening, sensitive teeth care pack, and take home whitening tray for instant and long-lasting results.

3. A Dazzling Smile You are Proud Of

Nothing will stop you from grinning now! Feel 100% confident in your own skin.

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