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Dentist Near Mount Waverley

Personalised consultations and long term treatment plans to ensure your dental health is on track for life.

You are more than just a quick appointment to us at Middleborough Dental Care, your local dentist near Mount Waverley and surrounding areas. The industry standard of 15-minute Clean & Check just isn’t enough to fully maintain your dental health.

That is why the MDC team is trained to spend extended time on any dental consultations, to listen to your concerns and design a customized plan for your budget, lifestyle, and future care.

So connect with us and avail to best dental treatments from a reliable family dentist near Mount Waverley.

Experience the Difference

Our clinic is built around providing a long term, pain-free dental experience for our patients, ensuring that you walk away with a secure dental future, clean teeth, and a nice smile.

Pain Free Care

The most up-to-date equipment and techniques, coupled with our extra care to ensure the comfort of all our patients, means there’s no need to stress about coming to see our local dentist near Mount Waverley.

Simple & Fast Braces

Orthodontic treatments, including braces and Invisalign, are available to correct crooked teeth in the most natural, stable way and with minimal maintenance.

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Alternatively, call us on:

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Don’t put up with uncertainty around your oral health.

We’ve seen too many people avoid treatment or opting for temporary fixes, and end up with major surgeries, huge medical bills and losing their teeth.

That doesn’t have to be you.