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Dental Crowns in Mount Waverley

Dental Crowns in Mount Waverley

Do you have a broken or decayed tooth that you are wanting to restore back to the way it once looked… perhaps better?

A Dental Crown may be the solution for you!

A Dental Crown is a procedure that involves placing an artificial ‘tooth’, usually made out of porcelain and metal, that is fixed and placed over the existing broken or decayed tooth – creating a ‘crown’, as the name of the treatment suggests.

A Dental Crown treatment is usually recommended when much of the original tooth is missing to hold a filling. They can also be used to protect weak teeth from breaking, as well as to cover badly shaped teeth, as well as stained teeth.

The process looks like this:

  • The dentist will prepare your tooth by removing a layer of the outer surface of the tooth, ensuring that the crown that will be placed will be the same thickness as this removed layer.
  • A mould of your tooth is made, and is sent away to a technician to make the crown that will be used in place of your broken or decayed tooth. With modern-day dental advancements, this can be made to match the colour of your existing teeth like-for-like, so that it will blend in.
  • Once the mould has been made into a tailor-made crown, the crown will be placed and fixed above your broken or decayed tooth permanently using a cement or adhesive.
  • Prior to the permanent crown being installed, your dentist may install a temporary one whilst the permanent crown is being made.
  • You can then enjoy the teeth and smile that you once had!
Having completed Dental Crown treatment, some of the benefits you can expect include:
  • Improved appearance: Dental Crowns are made to replicate your existing teeth, so that they will look identical to your natural existing teeth.
  • Be able to eat easier: Dental Crowns work like your existing teeth, so you’ll be able to eat like you once did with a better-shaped tooth.
  • Confidence: Most importantly, you’ll think and feel better about yourself because the smile you once had is back for good!
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