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We’re open for business – make an appointment now

We hope that you’ve been keeping well and looking after yourself and your loved ones.

It’s encouraging to feel that we’re getting closer to returning to something like what our lives were like at the start of 2020, before the world changed.

The next step is happening today: we’re delighted to be able to say that the Middleborough Dental team is back on deck at the clinic to look after your dental health needs.

While the period of Stage 4 restrictions, with only urgent dental treatment permitted, was an important part of controlling the potential spread of COVID-19, it was of course frustrating for us not to be able to treat more patients more regularly.

Easing of restrictions and resumption of services

The Victorian Government has announced that dentists can now recommence non-urgent services in metropolitan Melbourne with a COVIDSafe plan in place.

From today, we can once again perform all procedures, including:

  1. Routine examination
  2. Scale and cleans
  3. Preventative treatment
  4. Restorative treatment
  5. Orthodontic care

We’re completely COVID-safe and compliant

If you need to come and see us, we can assure you that one of the things the Australian Dental Association has done during the pandemic is develop detailed guidelines to ensure we provide dental care in a safe manner.

There’s never been any risk associated with visiting the dentist, but we’ve taken additional steps to keep all patients and staff safe and comfortable with all interactions.

Like the ADA, we are concerned that some patients have already delayed treatment that they need. Staying away longer may be detrimental to your ongoing health, so we encourage you to come in and make sure we attend to any issue as soon as possible.

Hopefully, something like visiting the dentist might just give you a bit of that sense of normality that we’ve all been missing over the past few months.

It’s not quite business as usual, but it’s pretty close.

Call and make an appointment today.