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Middleborough Dental: Now with More Lasers!

The Middleborough Dental team is always on the lookout for ways to improve treatment and patient care, whether for general or specific oral health applications or cosmetic dentistry.

Last month, Dr Alice, Dr Samantha, and Practice Manager Lily attended the Australian Dental Industry Exhibition to see all the latest dental technology and product innovations. It’s only a matter of time before some of those find their way to us.

However, we’ve already invested in a major piece of equipment that will make a big difference to our treatment of many patients.

Welcome to Middleborough Dental the Gemini Soft Tissue Diode Laser machine!

Why did we get it? Let’s start with the upside for you, our patients.

There are a number of procedures that will require less anaesthesia, no longer need sutures, and/or otherwise significantly improve patient comfort, while also resulting in faster, more predictable healing.

Some of the things we do quite often will be faster and easier for us, meaning less time in the chair for you.

Whether we’re treating a particular oral health issue or working on improving your smile through cosmetic dentistry or dental veneers, any equipment that ensures greater ease, better accuracy, and reduced trauma has to be a plus.

What procedures can it help with?

Some of the common soft tissue procedures that the Gemini Diode Laser machine can improve are:

Treatment of a “gummy” smile: Lasers are used to reshape gum tissue associated with a “gummy” smile, in which the gums’ length covers much of the tooth.

Crown lengthening: In this procedure, lasers reshape both gum tissue and bone for healthier tooth structure, which helps with placing restorations on the teeth.

Treating frenum attachment: Those with a thick or tight frenum (the fold of skin under the front part of the lip/tongue that anchors to the mouth) may benefit from a laser frenectomy. This treatment helps children whose restricted frenulum causes them to be lip-tied or tongue-tied, have difficulty breastfeeding, or have a speech impediment.

Removing excessive soft tissue: Lasers can remove soft tissue folds on the wisdom teeth or other parts of the mouth without pain or sutures.

Will you notice any difference?

The Gemini Diode Laser machine will be seamlessly incorporated into our day-to-day operations so, unless you’re part way through a multi-visit treatment, you probably won’t notice anything different (other than looking at it and thinking “what an impressive piece of equipment”!).

Just like when we upgrade to a more whiz-bang chair, get new tools, upgrade our software, or change the bibs that you wear when you’re in the chair (not that we do any of those things very often), it’ll just be business as usual when you next visit.

However, from our perspective, we’re actually pretty excited to be able to offer more technologically advanced treatments, particularly when they make your visit more comfortable and your prognosis for healing more favourable.

It all contributes to making a visit to the dentist – whether for a regular check-up, some necessary treatment, general oral health, or cosmetic dentistry – even less daunting for patients of all ages, and we’re all about encouraging you to come in whenever you need to rather than putting it off.

On that note, we look forward to seeing you soon (and let us know if you want to ‘meet’ Gemini).