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Dental Veneers Forest Hill

Dental Veneers Forest Hill

Get the teeth that you desire through dental veneers Forest Hill and surrounding areas at Middleborough Dental!

Ever smiled at the mirror only to see your front teeth with old fillings that are discoloured and have stained margins? The colour, shape and spacing of the front teeth can be significantly improved with veneers that cover the whole front surface of the teeth.

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells that are placed permanently in front of your teeth in order to improve the appearance of your teeth, giving each tooth a smoother, whiter and consistent finish. Whiter teeth aside, veneers can also used to change the size, shape or length of your teeth.

Veneers are a great option to explore if you have:

  • Discoloured teeth as a result of stains from food, drinks or dental treatment such as root canal
  • Teeth that are worn down, chipped or broken
  • Teeth that are misaligned, uneven or shaped irregularly
  • Teeth with gaps in between
There are two types of veneers that you can get at Middleborough Dental:

Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are engineered resin placed on the top of the outer surface of your teeth. The resin is matched with the colour of your teeth for the most natural look, and is placed on your teeth in the same visit. Given this, composite veneers are a great affordable option for an instant smile make-over, natural colour and a good transition towards porcelain material in the future. They do however require regular maintenance of polishing to keep them bright.

With good, regular maintenance, composite veneers should last approximately 4 to 8 years.

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