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Would you like whiter teeth for Christmas?

While our first priority is your oral health, we’re also conscious that many people value the appearance of their teeth just as highly (if not more so).

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, studies tell us that people who are happy with their smile often have greater self-confidence and are seen as more likeable and more trustworthy!

We also accept that it’s a reality of the Instagram age that we all tend to compare ourselves with what we see represented on our social feeds, whether that’s natural or not.

All that adds up to teeth whitening being the most requested, most Google-searched dental treatment.

So, for the rest of this year, Middleborough Dental Care has a special offer on teeth whitening. The details are coming up … but first, some background.

Everyone’s motivation for whitening their teeth is different

Whether you’re looking for greater self-confidence, want to take more ‘likeable’ selfies, or simply would like to smile more, your reason for wanting whiter teeth is understandable.

It’s a fact of life that, for various reasons, our teeth become discoloured over time

The inevitable accumulation of plaque and tartar deposits impacts everyone’s tooth colour, as does the consumption of certain foods and drinks (the most obvious being coffee, tea, colas, and red wine).

Other factors include things like the side effects of some medications, fluorosis, trauma, or a history of root canal treatment.

While there can also be genetic reasons that your natural base enamel colour isn’t ‘pure’ white, it will certainly be a lot whiter after treatment.

Whitening teeth safely

Using peroxide to whiten your teeth won’t cause any damage to the enamel (which some people think can happen) as peroxide is made from water and urea, natural products known to be safe.

Done in consultation with a dental professional, whitening teeth is a low-risk, predictable, extremely effective, and reasonably fast procedure.

Middleborough Dental Care is now able to offer you two options for in-chair whitening.

For the past couple of years, we’ve offered the light-activated PolaOffice+ in-chair procedure, which uses a gel with a strong concentration of peroxide along with special lights to achieve optimal results. The high-power light activates the gel, allowing oxygen to penetrate your teeth more thoroughly. 

We’ve now added the Colgate OpticWhite system, which uses a lower concentration of peroxide – although still higher than over-the-counter offerings – and requires less chair time than the PolaOffice+.

After an hour or even less, these more powerful professional in-chair whitening treatments break apart the bonds between stained molecules, giving you a dramatically brighter smile.

We also offer a take-home kit featuring custom-made whitening trays that fit comfortably in your mouth. You fill those with whitening gel and wear them for 30 minutes to several hours every day.

There is a chance that having your teeth whitened will increase sensitivity in some teeth, but there’s generally an underlying reason for that, which we can then investigate.

Our special offer

To introduce our patients to the Colgate OpticWhite teeth whitening system, Middleborough Dental Care is offering a special deal on Wednesdays and Fridays until Christmas.

Get a 60-minute in-chair whitening procedure for only $690 … and get a take-home kit too.

Book now, as there aren’t many Wednesdays and Fridays left in the year, so we expect the available spots to fill quite quickly.

We look forward to ‘gifting’ you a brighter, whiter smile for Christmas so you can dazzle your family and friends (and Instagram followers) with your amazing smile!