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What is digital dentistry and how are we embracing it?

Technology has changed dentistry a lot over the years. If we were to look back at equipment, materials, and treatment techniques even just 30 years ago, virtually everything is completely different now.

Over the past decade, the pace of change has accelerated with computer-controlled procedures and components allowing us to do a lot of things faster, more accurately, and – importantly – less invasively for you.

That’s what digital dentistry is all about, so we need to get very comfortable around computers to keep up with the latest innovations.

Something new is coming to MDC

You might not find this nearly as exciting as we do, but we’re getting a new intraoral scanner.

Okay. We admit that doesn’t sound very exciting but trust us, it’s a big deal!

If you’re familiar with the traditional way of taking moulds, where we put some soft material in a tray that fits around your teeth and get you to bite down on it until it gets into every crevice and starts to harden, you might think it’s not the greatest experience.

From our perspective, it’s long been a necessary procedure, albeit one that has a lot of variables that can leave us with a less-than-perfect mould of your teeth.

That’s where our new piece of digital equipment comes in.

TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

What is a TRIOS Intraoral Scanner?

The most important thing you need to know about our new TRIOS intraoral scanner is that it will allow us to take extremely accurate impressions of your teeth without the tray and the ‘gunk’ and the biting down.

Not only does that mean less potential for discomfort but also less time in the chair. We’re pretty sure most patients will be happy about both of those outcomes!

Of course, we’re happy about both of those things, too, but we also get 3D colour impressions that are extremely accurate and adaptable to different treatment needs, and the entire process is fast and simple.

To get a little technical, it uses optimal scanning techniques to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in your mouth. The 3D images are uploaded to a computer so they can be viewed and analysed from all angles on any screen and sent electronically to a ceramist to create crowns or bridges or to Invisalign to make perfect-fitting aligners.

The more information the better

It’s not only about treatment, either. Because they provide such clear and detailed images, intraoral cameras are a significant step forward in the detection and prevention of oral health problems.

Anything that helps us help you has to be a good thing.

At the same time, using this sort of digital technology helps us give you a better understanding of what’s going on inside your mouth.

After all, being a dental practitioner isn’t only about detecting and treating oral health issues.

A big part of what we do involves explaining things to you, whether it’s prevention or treatment-related, so the fact that our new TRIOS intraoral scanner will allow us to show you exactly what we’re seeing is another major plus.

Come and see us soon

As well as getting the new intraoral scanner, we’re in the process of fitting out our second room, so the Middleborough Dental Care practice will have an even greater capacity to look after you and your family.

While we’re here when you need us, we will always encourage you to come in for a regular check-up, rather than waiting until you have some discomfort or notice an issue yourself.

Give us a call today and make a booking.