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Get Your Perfect Smile in 4-6 Weeks

Restorative smile makeover with professionally fitted veneers.

Pain-free Procedure
Smile with Confidence
Flexible Payment Options

Do you feel awkward every time you smile?

You want to be confident in your own smile. But crooked, broken or missing teeth make you feel uncomfortable.

Whether you are worried about your dental health or lack self esteem in showing your smile – Middleborough Dental Care is here to help.

Our veneer procedure will make you smile again with confidence.

Cosmetic Upgrade

Be proud of your smile with restored teeth that look and feel healthy for years to come.

Financial Options

Payment plans are available and procedures start from as low as $3k. You might even qualify to use your super for your procedure.

Long Lasting Convenience

Ongoing dental appointments for temporary fixes on damaged teeth are a thing of the past.

Tooth Whitening Alternative

Veneers are resistant to stain and discolouration making your teeth whitening routine redundant.

A gorgeous smile opens the door to a beautiful life

  • Heavily influence first impressions.*
  • Significantly impact career opportunities.*
  • Form strong social and romantic connections.*

Our accredited dental practice provides a pain-free & restorative smile makeover for individuals that want to get their confident smile back.

Box Hill Dentist Staff with Patient

“Dr Nicole understands the issues to help with my treatment suggestions and carried out the process very well. I’m happy with the new crowns and I can’t stop smiling. I felt great for the step towards gum protection and oral health too!”

– Seeta

“I am so glad that I finally found a good dentist! Dr Alice Yang was very professional and approachable. I experienced no discomfort at all. I will definitely return for my next check and clean.”

– Zixia

Get your perfect smile at MDC in

3 simple steps:

1. Schedule a 15 minute FREE smile consultation

Our initial consultation will inform you about available options for your smile makeover. Includes photo and free mock-up.

2. Go through our pain free procedures

In just 3-5 appointments you get a fully custom and professionally fitted veneer smile makeover.

3. Achieve your new look in 4-6 weeks

No more countless appointments to repair existing crowns and broken teeth. Your smile makeover will last for years to come.


How many appointments do I need for my smile makeover?
You will need 3-4 appointments for the smile design, teeth preparation and fitting of veneers.
What is the approximate total cost?
It starts from $3,000 and will depend on the individual case.
Is there any financial support available?
Payment plan solutions are available through our working relationship with DentiCare.
Do veneers damage my existing teeth?
Veneer preparation is a minimally invasive procedure and doesn’t cause any permanent damage. At most it might make your teeth temporarily sensitive.
How long do veneers last?
Veneers act like natural teeth and can last many years with everyday good oral hygiene.

Never hesitate to smile again.