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Smile design lets you see how your new smile will look before starting any treatment

Have you ever wondered what you might look like if your teeth were exactly how you would like them to be? If so, don’t be embarrassed. It’s one of the most common things we come across.

There are various reasons people want to change their smile. Some people are self-conscious about a particular aspect of their natural smile, whether that’s the shape of their teeth, the gaps in between them, or their alignment.

Others have damaged a tooth or teeth, which can be a prompt to consider an overall “facelift” for their teeth. After all, if you’re going to make a couple of teeth look great, why not go a step further and get your whole smile looking perfect?

Some people have even told us that they think their smile makes them look older than they are and wonder whether they could look younger with a new smile.

Whatever your reason, we want to reassure you that it’s completely understandable and nothing to feel uncomfortable about.

Smiling with confidence changes your world

We know that people who have a symmetrical smile with even teeth and no gaps tend to smile more readily. The more you smile, the more positively others see you and respond to you, often with a smile of their own.

When you’re smiling comfortably and with no hesitation, you not only appear to be more self-confident but you also feel that way. Where those who are reluctant to smile can feel unsure of themselves in social and professional settings, those who smile warmly and genuinely put everyone at ease and, in fact, make their interactions seem more positive without even trying.

A new smile can change your entire demeanour, which is then reflected in everything you do.

Smile makeovers are much more common than you might think

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a new thing. There have always been patients who needed some restoration work done, whether after an accident, because their natural bite was misaligned, or when the condition of their teeth had implications for their long-term viability.

What has changed in recent years is that more people are opting to improve their smile simply because they want to … and they can.

Advances in dental technology and materials have made many of the procedures involved in rejuvenating a patient’s smile faster, more accurate, more affordable, and less intrusive.

You can see your new smile before starting any dental treatment

Because we can now design a new smile specifically for you using digital technology, you can see an extremely accurate visual representation of how your new smile will look and compare it with an image of your current smile.

When we design a smile makeover, we take into account a range of factors that are unique to you. For example, we consider the overall aesthetics of your mouth and face, including the width of your face and the length of your lips. This ensures that your new smile will look just right.

Of course, there are a number of dental factors we take into consideration, not least the dimensions of your teeth and your smile line – the bottom edge of your top teeth.

Because you’re used to seeing your existing smile, you’ll probably be taken aback to see what’s possible. Most people have never thought about how many elements come together to make your smile what it is, but that’s exactly why you should take a look at what a few tweaks could do for you.

How does a smile makeover work?

The Middleborough Dental Care team has a good deal of experience with rejuvenating our patients’ smiles. We start the process with a 15-minute, complementary consultation, which lets us see what we’re working with and includes taking a photo of your smile.

If you decide to proceed, we use digital photography, 3D scanning, and state-of-the-art software to record and analyse your face, jaw, and teeth. Then we make some digital alterations to see what you would look like if any imperfections were corrected.

You get to see what your new smile will look like

When we show you the before and after comparison, so you can see what your new smile would look like, we discuss the treatment plan that would get you that new smile. The process can involve any combination of implants, crowns, veneers, whitening, lip lifts, and gum alterations.

Because we can plan your treatment journey extremely accurately, from start to finish, you can rest assured that your new smile will look exactly like the digital representation we’ve created.

Imagine the future you who never hesitates to smile and takes on life with greater confidence!

Don’t hesitate now – make an appointment for your initial smile makeover consultation (or book your next check-up and clean and ask to include a smile makeover initial discussion).