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MDC New Chapter

A new chapter for Middleborough Dental Care in 2024

We’re proud that Middleborough Dental Care has established itself as one of the leading family-friendly dental practices in Melbourne’s thriving City of Whitehorse.

Our team has been able to help so many people care for their oral health and improve their dental outlook and it gives us all a great deal of satisfaction to see our younger patients coming back in over the years as they grow up happy and healthy.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we’re always looking for ways to improve our service and offer both a wider range of treatment options and the most effective, least intrusive methods available.

We’re pleased to reveal that there are some exciting changes coming to MDC in 2024, all designed to look after you even better than before.

More staff, more available appointments 

We understand that weekends can be particularly busy for young families, not to mention how valuable that time together is when one or both parents work during the week.

So, Middleborough Dental Care has recruited some new staff to create more appointment times during the week so we can see more patients for their regular check-ups, for regular cleaning, for mouthguard fittings and, of course, if any treatment is needed. 

We’ll also be able to be more efficient working through the necessary steps of any treatments that require multiple visits, such as clear aligners, root canal treatment, restorative dentistry, and the like, to minimise the time patients need to spend with us.

A reminder that you can book very quickly and easily using the online booking interface or you can call us on (03) 9808 0207 to ask any questions before you schedule your visit. 

Get a smile makeover with Dr Nicole

Many MDC patients have already benefitted from Dr Nicole’s skill and experience in prosthodontics, and we know that they’re smiling more than they ever have before! 

By complementing her long-standing interest in crowns and bridges with more opportunities to work with clear aligners, Dr Nicole has developed the smile design capacity of our clinic.

Every smile is different, but with the aid of digital smile design we’re able to give patients a detailed assessment of what we can do to improve their smile and an accurate estimate of the elements, time, and cost involved.

If you’re wondering whether you could have a smile that you’re happier with, one that will give you a new level of confidence and self-esteem, book an obligation-free consultation and Dr Nicole will show you what’s possible.

A new 3D x-ray unit is coming soon

We love new “toys”, mainly because every advance in technology really helps us do our job more efficiently and with less potential for inconvenience or discomfort for our patients. 

In a month or so, we’ll be taking delivery of a state-of-the-art Planmeca ProMax CBCT x-ray machine.


It’s an advanced 3D imaging unit that gives us much more to work with than a conventional 2D x-ray by capturing more of your teeth and jaw in greater detail.

This impressive piece of equipment supports a wide range of imaging options and specialist protocols, so we can really focus on whatever it is we need to assess. This allows us to start our treatment planning with a much more precise diagnosis.

Not to mention how easy it is for us to use and how comfortable it is for patients as the robotic arm is extremely versatile and flexible – and it doesn’t matter if a patient moves slightly as it has a digital image correction algorithm to give us sharp images every time.

Our family-friendly service won’t change

While we’ll always look to improve our equipment, training, and level of service, one thing that will never change is our focus on making all our patients as comfortable as possible.

Our entire team has a focus on keeping the experience of visiting the dentist as stress-free as possible, particularly for our younger patients – although we understand there is no age limit to dental anxiety.

You can be assured that whatever you need, we’ll be doing everything we can to limit how intrusive we need to be and the length of time you need to be in the chair.

And, as we often say, the more regularly we see you for general check-ups and teeth cleaning the less likely that you’ll need to see us for other treatment. It’s prevention first here at Middleborough Dental Care.