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Happy Mother’s Day – May Special

All Mothers who visit our dental clinic in the month of May will receive a gift pack and automatically go in the draw to win a Limited Edition Rose Gold Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush...

Posted April 27, 2017

Even celebrities go to the dentist

  Most of us think that appearances matter. We like to look our best, particularly when going out and meeting people, applying for a job or having our photo taken. Now imagine if your entire...

Posted April 17, 2017



Posted April 13, 2017

Why would Dental Implants fail

Why would Dental Implants fail? A man in his 60s suffered from gum disease who had 3 teeth removed and 2 implants placed immediately. His mouth was swollen for 2 months and was told it’s all...

Posted February 21, 2017


氟是什麼? 牙膏中的氟化物使牙齒堅固, 增加抵抗力免得從糖分與酸性被侵襲, 由此預防蛀牙. 氟化物助於再次鈣化(治癒或轉好)早期的蛀牙...

Posted April 12, 2016

How Does Fluoride Protect Your Teeth?

What is fluoride? Fluoride in toothpaste strengthens teeth, making them more resistant to attacks from sugar and acid, thereby preventing decay. Fluoride can help re-mineralise (heal or...

Posted April 12, 2016


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